Composite map of Mitcham's Corner area

Sounds Around the Corner 2016. Our popular free musical event will happen on Saturday 3rd September in the car park of Barclays bank, Chesterton Road, between 11 am and 6 pm. There will be over a dozen acts – an eclectic mix of jazz, singer-songwriters, folk, a ukulele band and other local bands and musicians – all with a professional stage and sound system. This is a fundraising event for the benefit of two local charities – Rowan and Wintercomfort – and the musicians, staging and venue are being offered to us free of charge.

As well as the music, you can enjoy the Mitcham's & More Festival (organised by Polly Plouviez) with food and drink stalls, children's activities and a spectacular magic show from well-known local magician JezO. More details will be posted here soon.

We need help to advertise and run this and make it another success! Please email Alastair Boyles if you can help with distributing leaflets, setting up on Friday, or marshalling on the day.

Local Liaison Forums are being organised by the City Deal to gather local people's views ahead of the second period of consultation on the proposals for Milton Road and Histon Road. The forums will discuss the details of the planned highway development, and will be an opportunity to offer alternatives to some of the controversial proposals. A Milton Road forum will take place on Tuesday 9th August in Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Road. Details of a Mitcham's Corner forum will be announced shortly.

Composite map of Mitcham's Corner area Towards a Master Plan for Mitcham’s Corner – the Planning Department, with input from consultants, FMC and public workshops, has released a draft document which is a stage on the way to a Master Plan to guide development of the Mitcham’s Corner Opportunity Area. The main features of the proposals are:

  • Replacement of the gyratory with a two-way road system and a staggered T-junction between Milton Road and Victoria Avenue.
  • New urban space, street and public realm improvements, and downgrading of parts of the gyratory to local streets only.
  • Specific guidance on building form, height and frontage, amongst other matters for Henry Giles House and the Staples site.
  • Costs could range between £2 million and £4 million, funded from future tranches from City Deal, the Local Centres Improvement Programme and planning obligations funding ("Section 106" contributions). Work can be done in phases e.g. road system first, public realm enhancements second.
  • “Any future developer will have to agree the details of planning obligations [in line with the Master Plan] at planning application stages”.

The FMC committee is attending meetings with planning officers and our local Councillors to discuss this document, the so-called Supplementary Planning Document, which can be downloaded from the City Council’s website. We will post further details here as soon as possible. The Council plans to hold a six-week public consultation from 5 September to 17 October 2016.

The Tivoli pub The future of The Tivoli is in question following Wetherspoons' decision not to rebuild the pub due to the costs involved. The company is expected to sell the site for redevelopment, and this will clearly have a major impact on Chesterton Road. FMC's initial view is that the original facade should be kept, and that any redevelopment should be 'mixed use' – i.e. incorporating some retail and/or commercial units which will continue to contribute to the public life of Mitcham's Corner. There are a number of approaches FMC could take, including lobbying for the addition of The Tivoli to the Master Plan for Mitcham's Corner which is currently being developed by the Planning Department. Please email us with your views – the more comments we get, the stronger our position.

  • Findings from the City Deal consultation on Milton Road were published on 24th May. A summary can be seen on the City Deal website. More details are provided on our Milton Road Scheme page, but in summary the reports recommend a modified form of the 'Do Something' option:
    – three-lane carriageway with single bus lane, and cycleways on both sides
    – both inbound and outbound bus lanes (staggered) at all major junctions
    – junction changes at Elizabeth Way and Union Lane, but no banning of turns
    – major changes to Mitcham's Corner are likely to be included in the second tranche of City Deal projects (after 2020) after more detailed planning.
  • Recommendations for Histon Road are also available on the City Deal website. In this case the "Do Maximum" option is recommended, including the controversial closing off of Victoria Road from the Histon Road junction.
  • Results of the Cambridge Access Study have been published and are available on the City Deal website. This is a very important study looking at traffic, parking and congestion issues across Cambridge, and makes recommendations to deal with these issues. A summary of the report, prepared for the City Deal meetings listed above, is available here.
  • This year's Mitcham's Models event, with mannequins decorated by artists and featuring poems by local poets, will soon be coming to an end. The models which have been displayed in shop windows around Mitcham's Corner will be auctioned in support of local children's charity Blue Smile. Details of the auction will be posted here; meanwhile you can follow the models on their Facebook page.