About the Friends of Mitcham's Corner

Friends of Mitcham's Corner seeks to protect the interests of residents, local traders and others working in the area around the junction of Chesterton Road with Victoria Avenue, Victoria Road and Milton Road. We want Mitcham's Corner to remain a vibrant and safe community, where it is pleasant to live and work, and where we continue to enjoy a good range of local services and shops.

The association was formed in October 2010. It aims to keep an eye on plans for the area; help keep people informed; and make sure local views are heard when issues affecting the area are debated by Cambridge City or Cambridgeshire County Council. The Consitution of FMC can be viewed via the link on the right.


Anyone connected with the area can join. Membership is open to everyone interested in the preservation and enhancement of the environment in and around Mitcham's Corner, providing they live, work, or have an ongoing link with the area.

Membership is 4.00 for a single subscription and 7.50 per household or business [annual, per calendar year]. Visit the Subscription page for details on how to join.

Committee meetings are open

Any member is welcome to attend – details are posted on the Meetings page and an agenda will be emailed to members in advance. Meetings are generally held on a weekday evening, at a local venue. Our local Councillors often attend too.

What's on the agenda?

Issues will change over time, but might include:

  • Shops and facilities in the area
  • Land and property planning proposals
  • Protection of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Traffic and parking issues
  • Concerns about vandalism
  • Any proposals to change public services

We aim to keep those in the area informed about issues that will affect us, using this website or, where appropriate, through convening a special public meeting.


We intend to keep in regular contact with local Councillors and Council Officers, to assist them in consulting local residents, traders and others on relevant matters.

Social networks and local history

If you are interested in forming, or being involved in, a local network group, let us know. Ideas include:

  • Parent & toddler coffee mornings
  • Home-based workers network group
  • Mitcham's Corner local history group

How much we can do will depend on who gets involved, and the time they can give. If you can help, come along to a Committee meeting!