• A hustings meeting on the City Deal Milton Road scheme will be held on Thursday 28th April at 79 pm in the Rex Freeman Hall in Chesterton Community College. This is an opportunity to hear the views of 15 of the local election candidates on the Milton Road scheme and the future of Mitcham's Corner, and also for them to hear our concerns. For more details see the Meetings page. A poster can be downloaded here
  • The will be a community event on the site of the previous Cambridge City FC now the Mitcham's Park residential development, on Milton Road. This "Field of Play" event will be held on Saturday 30th April between 3 and 4:30 pm, and will include music, a short film and refreshments. See the leaflet here.
  • Our Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 20th April. Minutes will be posted here shortly.
  • The feedback from the first consultation on the Milton Road Bus Priority Scheme is now being considered by the City Deal team. A report will be published in June and the best ideas worked up into a proposal which will be subject to another round of public consultation. The Committee's response to the consultation can be viewed here. See our Milton Road Scheme page for more details.
  • The City Council's planning department has been holding a number of meetings and workshops to discuss how the proposals for Mitcham's Corner contained in Policy 21 of the Draft Local Plan can be implemented. Under the Plan, the Mitcham's Corner area is designated as an Opportunity Area and a master plan will be drawn up for its redevelopment. A member of the FMC committee has attended some of these meetings, and we are lobbying for City Deal funds to be assigned for the reconfiguration of Mitcham's Corner.
  • This year's Mitcham's Models event, with mannequins decorated by artists and featuring poems by local poets, will soon be coming to an end. The models which have been displayed in shop windows around Mitcham's Corner will be auctioned in support of local children's charity Blue Smile. Details of the auction will be posted here; meanwhile you can follow the models on their Facebook page.
  • The 20 mph speed limit on Victoria Road has now been in place for some time, and does appear to have reduced the speed of vehicle traffic, improving safety and the experience of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • FMC has been lobbying the local bus companies to increase the number of bus services stopping near Mitcham's Corner. Stagecoach have agreed to run a six-month trial during which the Park-and-Ride service will stop in Milton Road, opposite the Westbrook Centre. A starting date is expected to be announced shortly.
Map of area around Mitcham's Corner