The Milton Road scheme The Milton Road Bus Priority Scheme is in the middle of its two-month public consultation phase, during which you are invited to comment on initial proposals and put forward alternative ideas. The scheme will have a major impact on Milton Road and Mitcham's Corner, and FMC is working to gather local opinion and get together a strong response. See our Milton Road Scheme page for more details. The final two exhibitions presenting the proposals will be held on Monday 25 January, 4-8 pm at Chesterton Community College, Gilbert Road, and Tuesday 26 January, 5-9 pm at Meadows Community Centre, 1 St Catharine's Road. There will be a crucial public meeting of the North Area Committee on Thursday 4 February at 6 pm at Chesterton Community College. This will discuss the proposals and will be headed by Lewis Herbert, Leader of the City Council and Chair of the City Deal Assembly.

  • Milton Road Residents Association ( is campaigning strongly against the proposals as they involve cutting down trees, loss of verges, an over-scale highway, and the creation of rat-runs due to blocking of access to some neighbouring roads. MRRA is also considering alternative schemes with less of an impact on the neighbourhood.
  • Petition to save the the Citi 8 service to the station and hospital. Stagecoach is planning to change the Citi 8 bus service so that it terminates in town and no longer runs to the rail station and on to Addenbrookes. You can object to this by signing a petition posted on the website of David Zeichner MP.
  • This year's Mitcham's Models event is now running, with mannequins decorated by artists and featuring poems by local poets. The models are being displayed in shop windows around Mitcham's Corner, and will be auctioned in support of local children's charity Blue Smile. You can see more details on the models' Facebook page.
  • Christmas lights at Mitcham’s 
    CornerA Christmas Market was held on Sunday 6th December at the Boathouse Pub. This included music, Christmas gifts and food, and the turn-on of the festive lights on trees at Mitcham's Corner.
  • The Mitcham's & More Festival and Sounds Around the Corner took place in September and were a great success. For photos from the weekend see the Mitcham's & More page.
  • The Vintage and Preloved Fair (including tearooms) was held at the Trumpington Gallery later in September. The weather on the day was glorious and the tea rooms were very popular, raising funds for Mitcham’s Models at Christmas.
  • Planning for Real Workshop In June, the committee attended a “planning for real” workshop on Mitcham’s Corner organised by Glen Richardson (City Council) and Polly Plouviez (Mitcham’s Corner Coordinator), with FMC support. Following up some of the themes explored in our public meeting in February (see below), the workshop included brainstorming sessions to come up with concrete ideas for improvements at Mitcham’s Corner, and principles for the development of the two largest sites, Henry Giles House and Staples. The event was attended by 36 stakeholders and formed part of the consultation process to develop a Masterplan for the area. For more details see our Meetings page.
  • A public meeting was held in February to present the results of our survey on the future of Mitcham's Corner. We also heard presentations from Glen Richardson (Urban Design and Conservation Manager at the City Council), and Brian Stinton (Highways and Infrastructure Officer at the County Council), who explained about the City Deal and the Milton Road Bus Priority Scheme. The meeting was very well attended, and the question-and-answer session at the end covered a wide range of topics. For further details, see our Meetings page. The results of the survey will be used as part of the consultation process on the future development of the area.
  • Polly Plouviez, Chesterton Road and Mitcham’s 
    Corner CoordinatorPolly Plouviez – Mitcham’s Corner Coordinator Polly's role is to act as a champion and facilitator in promoting the vitality and vibrancy of the area. She has been talking to local traders and residents to build a picture of which issues are the most important. She will then hold a meeting to discuss these concerns, and form a Partnership in which local businesses, groups and organisations will be able to work together to address them. We will be looking at imaginative solutions to tackle the problem of empty shops, make environmental improvements, as well as obtain external funding to support these projects. You can contact Polly via
  • The County Council has finally decided to to include Victoria Road in the 20 mph zone. We understand that this will be implemented in the summer.
  • The auction of Mitcham’s Models earlier in the year raised a total of £3660 for the local charity Tom's Trust. A huge thank-you to all the many people who made this very successful event possible! To view the thank-you letter from the charity click here.
  • FMC has been lobbying the local bus companies to increase the number of bus services stopping near Mitcham's Corner. Stagecoach have agreed to run a six-month trial during which the Park-and-Ride service will stop in Milton Road, opposite the Westbrook Centre. A starting date is expected to be announced shortly.

Planning for the future of Mitcham's Corner

A week-long workshop was held in 2012 to brainstorm ideas for the regeneration of Mitcham's Corner. The event, involving multi-disciplinary teams of 40 young professionals, was organised by FMC and Dr. Sebastian Macmillan under the auspices of the Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE)programme.

After a walking tour of the area, and presentations by city and county council officers as well as FMC Chair Anne Cooper, the students were split into two groups: one team was asked to take a more conservative approach in their planning suggestions, while the other was urged to be more imaginative. Interestingly, both teams believed that the most urgent requirement is to replace the gyratory system with a much simpler road layout, and improve facilities for shoppers, residents and visitors. You can view extracts from their final presentations, and read the report of the event in the Cambridge Evening News, using the links on the right.

Cllr Damien Tunnacliffe said: "These ideas would restore the area to people rather than motor vehicles." FMC is proposing that some of these concepts be included in the forthcoming Local Plan, to provide a guiding plan for the development of the Mitcham's Corner area over the next planning period. Our view is that the IDBE event further strengthens the arguments we put forward recently in our inputs to the upcoming Local Plan.

Map of area around Mitcham's Corner