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'Bus gate' replaced with scheme to give buses priority at traffic lights

As a result of the public response to its consultation, Cambridgeshire Highways has decided not to proceed with its plan for a 'bus gate' which would have used the slip road passing in front of Lloyds Bank at Mitcham's Corner as a bus-only northbound access onto Milton Road. Many local people – including FMC – believed that the scheme would have posed road safety risks, especially for cyclists.

Instead, Highways is planning to implement traffic-signal priority measures designed to enable buses to move through the junctions with less delay, thus saving time. In addition, they will explore the possibility of improving some of the bus stops in the Mitcham's Corner area. The remaining money (which will come from the Department of Transportís Better Bus Area Fund) will be used to boost existing projects such as installing equipment at bus stops showing real-time bus arrival information.

The works at Mitcham's Corner are expected to take place in the early part of 2014. For more information, contact Richard Ling via or 01223 715916.

Slip road proposed for use by buses